Drones come in handy when you want to take aerial footage of any event or race. They are easy to use as you don’t have to be at the exact location where you are taking the footage. When looking for a drone, there are a few features that you need to consider the camera quality. Also, you need to look at its design, and whether it can withstand any crash.

Eachine Wizard X220 Drone

1. Features of the drone

a. Great frame design

The wizard X220 drone (get it here: https://www.dronesforsalereview.com/quadcopters/eachine-wizard-x220/ ) has a compact design that gives it that amazing stunning look. The purple colour makes the drone have a beautiful look that is pleasing to the eye. The frame is lightweight, and it allows even weight distribution of the drone which makes the drone be able to fly and improves its aerodynamics. The drone is made from carbon material which is a very durable material. This allows the drone to handle and withstand crashing and it can be easily repaired. The design of the drone makes flying and controlling the drone easy.

Additionally, the manoeuvring is easier as compared to the other drone models. Moreover, the drone can roll easily due to its design and take a great picture from any distance. Furthermore, the drone is equipped with motor protectors which minimise impact when the drone is a crash landing. However, motor protectors are heavy and may reduce the speed of the drone. You can remove them if you feel they are slowing you down and fly without them. If you want to upgrade the drone to your desired level, you can easily do so as the drone is compatible with many upgrades. You can swap your old features with the recent and updated ones in the market.

b. Has an adjustable camera

The drone has an adjustable camera that captures the pictures clearly and perfectly. Additionally, the camera has a wide vision of around 127 degrees; this makes it perfect for a race. Since you can see any sharp corners and help you manoeuvre them safely without crashing, the camera is mounted on the front of the drone as it can move freely and take clear footage which provides you with more flexibility.

Additionally, the video is connected to an antenna to reduce vibrations and get clearer footage. Also, since it is connected to the antennae, it is safe in case the drone crashes into something. Moreover, the front of the drone has enough room to place an action camera like the GoPro. This is great if you want to record the whole flight and watch it later. However, the drone might get heavy, and this limits its speed and stability. A disadvantage to this drone is that it does not come equipped with goggles and you need to look for a pair that fits you.

c. Has a powerful motor

Eachine wizard X220 drone comes with four brushless motors installed. It has the CW and the CCW motors marked on the drone. The CW means clockwise while the CCW means anticlockwise. However, this does not show or suggest the direction the drone propellers are rotating, but it shows the motor threading. This means that the CW has right-hand threading and the CCW has left-hand threading. For you to ensure that your propeller does not come loose while flying you should always pair a CW motor with an anti-clockwise propeller. While a CCW motor should be paired with a clockwise spinning propeller.

Moreover, the drone has a powerful motor which gives it the power to fly high. The motor allows the drone to have a strong and powerful thrust that gives it the speed to move forward. Additionally, the drone can be modified to increase its speed and thrust. This can be done by adding and upgrading the batteries to a 4s battery which gives the drone more power. Additionally, the motor protectors can be removed to make your drone lighter and have a higher speed. However, this is not such a good idea as the protectors ensure that your drone is safe in case of crushing.

2. Model information

• Power of 6v of 4 batteries each with 1.5 volts
• Low voltage warning
• Online update
• Has a control range of 500
• Has LED indicator
• Has six channels
• Has an RF range of 2.40-2.48GHz
• Its RF power is < 20dBm

3. Pros and cons

a. Pros

• You can modify the drone to your preferred taste
• The frame is gorgeous
• Has a durable frame that can withstand crashes
• The drone comes with spare protective frames and props
• The drone’s battery connector is compatible with many batteries
• The drone is equipped with rubber grommets to protect the antennas and cables from vibration while flying

b. Cons

• The drone comes dissembled which requires you to put the time in assembling it
• It has a low motor bearing quality
• It does not come with a built-in battery voltage unit

4. How it compares with other drones

a. Eachine wizard X220 drone and Eachine assassin

The drones have a lot of similar features, and they work almost the same. The drones have brushless motors which give them the power to fly and move at a great speed. Additionally, they both have LED lights on four different locations which help the pilot see them in the dark and be able to control. However, the Eachine assassin has a barometer, GPS and compass sensors.

b. Helipal RX122 Atom and Eachine wizard X220 drones

The wizard X220 drone has a great battery that stores energy for a long time. The battery provides life for around 10 to 12 minutes which means you can capture the footage you like with no distraction. However, the Helipal RX122 is a bit smaller which makes it light and can fly at high speed.

c. What others are saying about the drone

Most of the people who have used the drone are in love with all its features and quality. The fact that the drone is well designed and is offered at affordable price intrigue many customers. Moreover, the ability to modify the drone and add the updated features makes the drone more appealing. However, some people still think the drone needs a few improvements to make it amazing.


The wizard drone moves at high speed and gives you clear footage. Additionally, the drone can be modified to your desired taste and allow you to have your dream drone.